Monday, March 2, 2009

March Update

I 've contacted my specialist in Evanston and so far havn't had no luck with talking to her about my MRI's taken a few weeks ago. I'm assuming that's good news. If it was bad I would think she would want to talk to me. I had a catscan and petscan done today. I see my general Dr. on Wed. and hopefully will get the results. They are checking my neck to my thighs for any sign of abnormality. They actually gave me an IV with radio active materials.
I went to a jewelry class yesterday and the teacher had breast cancer. She beat it only to now have cancer in her ribs and lungs. She caught a virus from a sick niece and now has vocal cord damage, she talks like shes got a cold, but doesn't. Shes been battling cancer for 14 years. She looks great and has alot of stamina.
My hair is coming in, except for the very top. It looks ridiculous. I think its coming in curly, gray and black. I can feather it back on the sides, its pretty funny. My niece wore her hair moussed and spiked, it looked so good on her. I'm thinking of going with that look I just hope I'm not too old for that style. Thanks for all the prayers, there working.


Tara said...

I'm definitely praying for AMAZING results this week! Thought of you a lot today. I'm coming home for Easter! I'll be getting in on Wednesday and not leaving until Sunday night. I hope you liked your Australian souvenir/birthday present :) Love you and miss you!

Arles said...

Don't worry too much about the hair. For my surgery they only shaved half my head-- and the
"old half" is baby fine-- the
"new half" is thicker-- but also is more salt and pepper. Glad the news continues to be good

Mary said...

Hi Cathy,
I'm sure you would look great doing your hair like Colleen's.
Go for it!
Love Mary Z