Tuesday, June 24, 2008

UPDATE 6-24-07

Well First, I know everyone wants to know how the benefit went. Unfortunately, it rained at the beginning and I think it scared alot of riders, also a couple bike clubs cancelled. I was at the beginning, registration, and wouldn't be able to stop talking about how generous everyone was that did show. I missed most of the show at the end. The Children from RocVale showed and loved the band "Easy Louise". I heard they were dancing and having a ball. Of course, Alex doesn't dance, he would rather sit and hug the pretty girls. Overall, the profit for bikes came to around $ 4500.00
not counting the 34 bike helmets that were donated. I can't thank everyone that helped me enough.
Second, I have 4 more days of Chemo left. Then I have 14 days off. I will still have the chemicals in my system even though I won't be given them. The last few days I have been feeling not quite myself, but ok none the less. This Friday I get blood work done to check my counts. Next Monday and Wed. I go to Evanston to see Dr. Nina and have 4 MRI's done. On the 8th I get the results. Thanks again for the wonderful meals and all the prayers. Cath

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Well... On Friday I started Chemo. At the Doctor's, I received 2 IVs of Chemo Medicine and 1 of medicine for side effects. At home I take 3 tablets of Chemo a day for 14 days. I will not go back to the clinic for more IV Chemo till this Friday. After the 14 days I will take 14 days off, then repeat. The Dr. is keeping me on the prednisone and Keppra (seizure med), along with my synthroid and other meds. I had to start writing times and check marks as I was getting confused. I do have my head shaved which is really comfortable. I have not worn my wig yet as the radiation is still causing my head to be sore some. I have an army green hat I wear and Mark calls me Beetle Bailey if not Chemo sabe.... I cut Jacks hair today and he asked that I don't cut it as short as mine, haha. He prays every night that Mommy's headaches go away. My Cousins took him for two days and he had a ball. Never asking for me once, a little sad but at the same time shows how much fun he had. By the end of the month I should have another MRI to see where we stand on the chemo and radiation, also more info on the mastectomy. Oh and good news, I do have some feeling back in the numbness on my right side. (feels like pins and needles)
Other then being tired, I feel good. Thanks again for your good thoughts and prayers. Cath

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I got back the results from the PET scan, all good, no other cancer other than what they knew about. (breast, spine, brain) I will begin Chemo on Friday. I will start on 3 different chemo meds and another to help with side effects from the medication. They don't think they will need a port as I have very good veins. The only bad thing is they predict most patients to get sick around 7-10 days after 1st dose, 9 days after 1st dose is my benefit rally for Alex. I am determined not to get sick.
I also got my head shaved, oh boy. I can't stop rubbing my hands over my head. I wear an army green Tony Hawk hat and feel like GI Jane. I feel so open, I think I use to hide behind my hair. I always wore it long and with it around my face. Now all you see is face a fat round one because of the meds. I have the pudgy cheeks every mother wants to pinch.
Thanks again for all the prayers.

Saturday, June 7, 2008


I don't even know where to begin... I am just in shock over all the concern and support that I have received. I have been sent so many well wishes that I feel like the luckiest person on Earth, other than the illness of course, haha. Well, I have begun to loose my hair, FAST, and yes I do have an awesome wig. I actually also have a real cool hat I may just wear and save the wig for my fun nights out. Wait fun nights out, whats that??? I have been busy putting the ending touches on the Bikers for Bikes benefit for June 22. I am determined to make it a success. Alex misses me and has asked for me alot, even refusing to participate in the Special Olympics because I didn't show... I haven't seen him since I was diagnosed. I finished the Radiation treatments and had a pet scan Thursday pm, no results yet. On Monday, they want to discuss the chemo. treatments. My Oncologist wants to talk about the treatments with the radiolgist and Dr. Nina at Evanston before making a descision. My head still baffles him, as many others, haha. Over all I feel good, other then the headaches and fatigue. The fatigue is worse, cause I have so much to do, I don't like sitting. I am a woman who hates to feel like something else is controling her. I want to thank my family and friends, old and new,for the amazing support they have given me, it means so much! Cath