Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Continuing the Chemo

Sorry I haven't kept the blog up to date. I had another triple dose of chemo on Friday (7-10-08) and its kinda knocked me out a little. I will go to the clinic for triple does of Chemo on Fridays and every day in between I'll just take Chemo at home 3x a day. This will be for two weeks then off one week. The Chemo has made me talk a little goofy, like, saying what I don't mean but what I happen to be looking at. I also don't hear or see quite as good. (nothing to be concerned about) I also am getting sick on this dose. No pain though and other then the minor symthoms I feel good. Oh, and they took my driving privledges away again. Oh well, I was getting used to being chauffered anyway, maybe I should start sitting in the back seat. I don't think sooo. I do wear the wig when I go out somewhere nice but usually just wear my GI Jane hat. I'll get some pictures of me with the wig on the next blog I need Tara's help.
Just something I wish to share.
I was on the couch for 3 days with a pain behind my right eye among other pains in the stomach, neck etc... I do get migraines so I just chalked this up to a migraine.
My Mom sat next to me and gave me my Grandmas rosary. I haven't prayed the rosary in years so she gave me the book. While I was just laying there I decide to do the rosary. When I was done I got up, went to get a drink of water, went back to the couch and guess what the pain was gone. To this day it has not come back. I prayed that the pain in my eye would go away and I would deal with the other pains and it was gone. Just something I wanted to share. The power of prayer.
Again, I can't that you all enough for the meals, flowers, thoughts and prayers.
Love ya all- Cath

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New MRI results

GOOD NEWS! Cathy received the results of the latest bunch of MRI's that were done and...

1) No new spots were revealed
2) The larger spots seemed to be a bit smaller
3) The smaller spots weren't bigger

I'm sure she'll be posting soon, but good news needs to be shared IMMEDIATELY.

I hope you all had a happy and safe 4th of July!