Thursday, February 12, 2009


I went to my surgeon on Tuesday and was told the pain could be from the herniated disc or the surgery. I have some swelling but the pain is getting worse. She is going to contact my Oncologist and get me therapy. I went to Oncologist today, my levels were OK. I have seen them real bad, this was bad but not that bad. So of course I had to get my bonus shot. Ouch. My Dr. also informed me that he will contact Dr. Nina and talk about the future. He didn't see any cancer on the report that he could read. He did a cell research and will have the results next Wed. If it looks good he will go forward on setting up a cat scan or pet scan. If that looks good I may be off Chemo. I hate to get too excited but it would so good to get off these chemicals.
My hair is coming in, silver and black, and get this I think curly. Its just fuzz now and bald on top. I'll keep you posted. Keep praying its working.


Anonymous said...

praying for you from AZ

Nikke said...

Youve got my prayers too.....we have to go out and celebrate no matter though!!!!