Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March 31, 2010

Well, Mark and I just got home from a visit to my parents home up north. They kept Jack for an extra day and will bring him home on Friday. He loves it up there. I am going to enjoy the quiet at some point. We got home about 2 hours ago and I already picked up the land mines in the yard, painted 1/2 the shed and now I am doing laundry. I can't seem to stop. I will see the Dr. tomorrow afternoon. My glucose levels are all over the place. I will have a pet scan because some other levels are up there. (I can't remember which ones) They also something is in my hip. We are not too concerned as I have no symthoms or pains. I guess I am a candidate for hip surgery. Oh well we'll worry about that another day. Overall I feel pretty good. I appreciate all the prayers. But could I ask for a favor. Could you please pray for Alex. I had a hard time taking him home on Sunday. He cried like I never saw him cry. It broke my heart. I have been unable to cry since my diagnosis and yet when I left Alex's I cried like a baby all the way home. He didn't want me to leave and kept saying mama. omg was it hard. Thank you all. Hugs and Kisses, Cath

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March 16, 2010

Well I had another blood test. Results show my cholestrol is still high so I am still on medicine. My gluclose was high so they sent me home with a diabetes blood check kit. I test it everyday and it's still high. My mamo was good. My numbness in my right side and back is back. The cat scan showed nothing. I also had 4 MRI's, 3 were good, 1 showed my herniated disk in the top part of my spine is worse. I also have another lesion. That's about it. I feel great. The lympadema in my left arm is better and I hardly ever wear my sleeve. I will talk to the Dr this week and find out what they have in store for me. I've been busy with Jack. He just turned 6and is playing soccer. I'm looking forward to spring. Thank you for the prayers.