Thursday, March 19, 2009

March 19, 2009

Well for the last 2 months I've been working on getting a referral from my primary to see my Brain Specialist, Nina. As anyone knows who has HMO you have to jump through hoops. I finally got an answer from my Dr. No. I had two appointments on Tuesday, 1 with Nina; and the other with a genetic specialist who wants to check my chance of having cancer in the other breast. He said No to both. My husband got on the phone and asked why were we given the OK twice before and now we can't. He changed his mind and we were ok'd to go to the 1 appointment.
At the appointment Nina explained she was unable to view my scans, which I sent her overnight mail 2 months ago. Her institution won't allow her to view scans from other institution's. However, she was allowed to read the report. She said the report explains how nothing was visible but she couldn't understand that as they ( the other Dr's) had nothing to compare it to.
She asked to see me in May and at that time have MRI's done at her Hospital (Northshore Evanston). So in other words the appointment was a waste. Dr. A. my primary Dr. wanted to see me before I pursue more tests. I just saw him 1 month ago. I had an appointment today.
He claims he never heard of a Dr. unable to read other hospitals scans. I told him I will have Dr. Nina call him. He approved my appointment with the Genetics Dr. While I was there I was experiencing more back pain and leg pain. It was hurting pretty good, it hurt to sit and stand, I couldn't get comfortable. He became concerned and did a urinalysis. I had blood. He then grew more concerned and did a blood test to check for Bone Cancer, or Kidney Stones. I should have results Sat. I have another appointment on Monday. I told him I had plans and was going out of town and he told me to cancel them. If the test shows anything he will do a bone scan.
I've had stones before. Of course I was 8 months pregnant at the time. They are painful. They couldn't do much for the pain because of the baby. I'm hoping it's just that I over did it with the nice weather the past few days. I will keep you posted. I now have to play chutes and ladders.

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Nikke said...

Cathy.....please keep us updated on your results. Sounds odd but praying for kidney stones.