Thursday, March 12, 2009


Jack is 5 years old, oh boy. He is so excited, he feels he is now a big boy.
I went to my oncologist and I did have chemo and the shot I love so much that raises my blood levels. Dr. R said the lesion they see in the Petscan could be the herniated disc but it is not for sure. He is referring my scans to another Dr. He also looked at the swelling on my arm and wrist and said it could be a blood clot...... We hope it may just be Lympoderma, something with the lymph nodes that were removed. He is ordering a device I put on at night to relieve the pain and swelling before were look further. Hymp... I'm off chemo for 2 weeks so hopefully we'll have all the results by then.
My hair is coming in. I've heard how nice its suppose to come in after chemo. Get this, mine is black in back, straight, black/silver on sides, curly, top patch 6" x 2" bald. I lost only 1/2 of my eyebrows, I cannot draw on eyebrows. On the bright side I lost 8 lbs.
Well dinner was just delivered so I better go eat. Wish for Spring, I'm not used to going out with no hair its' so cold.

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Nikke said...

U look fabulous and I hope only for more fabulous news!!!