Saturday, March 28, 2009

March 28, 2009

Well my test came back negative. Which is great but I still have blood in my urine. We think it might be from a UTI I have. It could also have been from a stone I passed. What a nice subject Huh? Pretty embarrassing actually. I feel good. No more backaches, hardly any headaches, no migraines, I hope I'm not jinxing myself. My next appointment is Thurs for chemo and Fri to see Dr. A and check the blood situation.
I'm going out on the town tonight. Marks or as the music industry calls him, Skeeter, his band is playing tonight at Sundance Saloon. I plan to party hard. I'll probably be ready to sleep at 9:00 when the band starts. Its pretty funny to watch me dance. I've always loved to dance and now I don't quite have my balance and a couple times I almost landed on my butt but caught myself.
Someone should come with a camera. We could win 10,000. on home videos. Never know what could happen if I have a drink and dance. Just joking, if it gets bad I won't get off my chair.
I can't remember if I asked this or not, but does anyone know a yellow or chocolate AKC lab looking for a relationship with my Black Betty?
Well time to go play Candy Land with Jack. Again.
Spring is on it's way, yahoo.


Nikke said...

So no Bone Cancer? Fabulous...when do you get the all clear for totally Cancer free?

Hope to visit soon!!!

Tara said...

Cathy, in just a few days I will relieve you of your game-playing duties with Jack for at least 5 days :) SO excited to see you all again for Easter!