Saturday, March 28, 2009

March 28, 2009

Well my test came back negative. Which is great but I still have blood in my urine. We think it might be from a UTI I have. It could also have been from a stone I passed. What a nice subject Huh? Pretty embarrassing actually. I feel good. No more backaches, hardly any headaches, no migraines, I hope I'm not jinxing myself. My next appointment is Thurs for chemo and Fri to see Dr. A and check the blood situation.
I'm going out on the town tonight. Marks or as the music industry calls him, Skeeter, his band is playing tonight at Sundance Saloon. I plan to party hard. I'll probably be ready to sleep at 9:00 when the band starts. Its pretty funny to watch me dance. I've always loved to dance and now I don't quite have my balance and a couple times I almost landed on my butt but caught myself.
Someone should come with a camera. We could win 10,000. on home videos. Never know what could happen if I have a drink and dance. Just joking, if it gets bad I won't get off my chair.
I can't remember if I asked this or not, but does anyone know a yellow or chocolate AKC lab looking for a relationship with my Black Betty?
Well time to go play Candy Land with Jack. Again.
Spring is on it's way, yahoo.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

March 19, 2009

Well for the last 2 months I've been working on getting a referral from my primary to see my Brain Specialist, Nina. As anyone knows who has HMO you have to jump through hoops. I finally got an answer from my Dr. No. I had two appointments on Tuesday, 1 with Nina; and the other with a genetic specialist who wants to check my chance of having cancer in the other breast. He said No to both. My husband got on the phone and asked why were we given the OK twice before and now we can't. He changed his mind and we were ok'd to go to the 1 appointment.
At the appointment Nina explained she was unable to view my scans, which I sent her overnight mail 2 months ago. Her institution won't allow her to view scans from other institution's. However, she was allowed to read the report. She said the report explains how nothing was visible but she couldn't understand that as they ( the other Dr's) had nothing to compare it to.
She asked to see me in May and at that time have MRI's done at her Hospital (Northshore Evanston). So in other words the appointment was a waste. Dr. A. my primary Dr. wanted to see me before I pursue more tests. I just saw him 1 month ago. I had an appointment today.
He claims he never heard of a Dr. unable to read other hospitals scans. I told him I will have Dr. Nina call him. He approved my appointment with the Genetics Dr. While I was there I was experiencing more back pain and leg pain. It was hurting pretty good, it hurt to sit and stand, I couldn't get comfortable. He became concerned and did a urinalysis. I had blood. He then grew more concerned and did a blood test to check for Bone Cancer, or Kidney Stones. I should have results Sat. I have another appointment on Monday. I told him I had plans and was going out of town and he told me to cancel them. If the test shows anything he will do a bone scan.
I've had stones before. Of course I was 8 months pregnant at the time. They are painful. They couldn't do much for the pain because of the baby. I'm hoping it's just that I over did it with the nice weather the past few days. I will keep you posted. I now have to play chutes and ladders.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Jack is 5 years old, oh boy. He is so excited, he feels he is now a big boy.
I went to my oncologist and I did have chemo and the shot I love so much that raises my blood levels. Dr. R said the lesion they see in the Petscan could be the herniated disc but it is not for sure. He is referring my scans to another Dr. He also looked at the swelling on my arm and wrist and said it could be a blood clot...... We hope it may just be Lympoderma, something with the lymph nodes that were removed. He is ordering a device I put on at night to relieve the pain and swelling before were look further. Hymp... I'm off chemo for 2 weeks so hopefully we'll have all the results by then.
My hair is coming in. I've heard how nice its suppose to come in after chemo. Get this, mine is black in back, straight, black/silver on sides, curly, top patch 6" x 2" bald. I lost only 1/2 of my eyebrows, I cannot draw on eyebrows. On the bright side I lost 8 lbs.
Well dinner was just delivered so I better go eat. Wish for Spring, I'm not used to going out with no hair its' so cold.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Hello everyone. The prayers are working and I appreciate it so much, thank you all. I went to my Dr. on Wed. and he claimed he saw no cancer and I was his miracle baby. He was surprised by the test results. I went to my Oncologist on Thursday and he was on vacation so I saw his assistant. She also claimed to see no cancer mentioned on the test reports. There was something though, its just the herniated disc, not cancer. I had the chemo and might or might not have it next week on Thursday. We will see what the Dr. says. It looks good, huh??? I will finally see the specialist on the 17th. By the 20th of this month I will find out how I stand on the treatments. I've been feeling pretty good and I am looking forward to Spring.

Monday, March 2, 2009

March Update

I 've contacted my specialist in Evanston and so far havn't had no luck with talking to her about my MRI's taken a few weeks ago. I'm assuming that's good news. If it was bad I would think she would want to talk to me. I had a catscan and petscan done today. I see my general Dr. on Wed. and hopefully will get the results. They are checking my neck to my thighs for any sign of abnormality. They actually gave me an IV with radio active materials.
I went to a jewelry class yesterday and the teacher had breast cancer. She beat it only to now have cancer in her ribs and lungs. She caught a virus from a sick niece and now has vocal cord damage, she talks like shes got a cold, but doesn't. Shes been battling cancer for 14 years. She looks great and has alot of stamina.
My hair is coming in, except for the very top. It looks ridiculous. I think its coming in curly, gray and black. I can feather it back on the sides, its pretty funny. My niece wore her hair moussed and spiked, it looked so good on her. I'm thinking of going with that look I just hope I'm not too old for that style. Thanks for all the prayers, there working.