Tuesday, June 24, 2008

UPDATE 6-24-07

Well First, I know everyone wants to know how the benefit went. Unfortunately, it rained at the beginning and I think it scared alot of riders, also a couple bike clubs cancelled. I was at the beginning, registration, and wouldn't be able to stop talking about how generous everyone was that did show. I missed most of the show at the end. The Children from RocVale showed and loved the band "Easy Louise". I heard they were dancing and having a ball. Of course, Alex doesn't dance, he would rather sit and hug the pretty girls. Overall, the profit for bikes came to around $ 4500.00
not counting the 34 bike helmets that were donated. I can't thank everyone that helped me enough.
Second, I have 4 more days of Chemo left. Then I have 14 days off. I will still have the chemicals in my system even though I won't be given them. The last few days I have been feeling not quite myself, but ok none the less. This Friday I get blood work done to check my counts. Next Monday and Wed. I go to Evanston to see Dr. Nina and have 4 MRI's done. On the 8th I get the results. Thanks again for the wonderful meals and all the prayers. Cath


vickilavoie said...

hey cathy' we had a lot of fun on sunday . give us call if you need anything. love ya vicki

vickilavoie said...

Hey cathy' we had a lot of fun at the fund raiser.
let us know if you need anthything. love ya