Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I got back the results from the PET scan, all good, no other cancer other than what they knew about. (breast, spine, brain) I will begin Chemo on Friday. I will start on 3 different chemo meds and another to help with side effects from the medication. They don't think they will need a port as I have very good veins. The only bad thing is they predict most patients to get sick around 7-10 days after 1st dose, 9 days after 1st dose is my benefit rally for Alex. I am determined not to get sick.
I also got my head shaved, oh boy. I can't stop rubbing my hands over my head. I wear an army green Tony Hawk hat and feel like GI Jane. I feel so open, I think I use to hide behind my hair. I always wore it long and with it around my face. Now all you see is face a fat round one because of the meds. I have the pudgy cheeks every mother wants to pinch.
Thanks again for all the prayers.


Margaret said...

Cathy - We definitely need to see pictures of you sans hair!! I admire your spirit!! XOXO

Nikke said...

I saw you the other day... and you look awesome! and yes Very GI Jane... you go girl!