Monday, May 19, 2008

The latest...

Cathy visited her general practioner today. She was told she no longer is allowed to drive due to the potential for seizures. She's pretty bummed about that obviously, but made her last drive for a while memorable. Turns out she was pulled over for speeding on the way home! That cop shouldn't have messed with her, because she definitely gave him a piece of her mind. Despite the 'tude, the cop let her go with a warning. Just a small glimpse into the fight Cathy has in her! (Cathy, I hope you don't mind I shared that was just so fitting and hilarious!)

Cathy will go and see her oncologist tomorrow to set up treatments, with the first probably starting on Wednesday. They'll definitely be doing radiation and probably some chemotherapy as well. Doctors continue to be hopeful about this aggressive form of cancer also reacting to treatments aggressively.

Everyone's really starting to pitch in at home. Cathy had an awesome weekend with her oldest son Shaun in Chicago. Really helped her get her mind off of things for a bit. Nick and Matt have been doing a lot of the household chores. Cathy said she could really get used to that!

Spirits remain high and that's in part thanks to all of you sending your thoughts and prayers.

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