Thursday, May 15, 2008

Consultation Results

I was taught a valuable lesson at a young age: deliver news/criticism like a sandwich. Say something good, then the bad, and follow that up with the good. I'm applying it to what Cathy learned today...

Good news: M.S. was ruled out today.

Bad news: The lesions on Cathy's brain and spine are metastatic cancer. She will have consultations with neurosurgeons to decide how to proceed on the thumb-print sized lesion on her spine, and that will affect further treatment (removal or radiation/chemo). That lesion was causing the numbness in her torso. The lesions on her brain cannot be removed, so those will be treated with radiation and/or chemotherapy. Surgery cannot be performed on the breast cancer until the radiation and/or chemotherapy runs it's course (surgery stops all other treatments). So right now, it looks like radiation and/or chemotherapy will be the way to go.

Good news: The doctor is optimistic about how Cathy's body will respond to treatments. Due to the quick-moving nature of the cancer, often times that type of cancer will also respond quickly to treatment. Plus, the doctors have not dragged their feet from day one, so the illness was caught quickly. And there are all sorts of treatments out there to battle this disease.

Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers. Please continue to do what you're doing...I'm sure it's a major reason there was good news today. Let's focus on the good.


Nikke said...

Cathy and family: You all are wonderful people and knowing Cathys positive spirit and go get em attitude.....all of this will be defeated quickly! But as always we think and pray of you all often. We know you have many loved ones and freinds ready to help out but Rick, Ryker and I are only a doorway away...ANYTIME you need anything, please dont hestitate to ask.

Matt Osterholt said...

As a longtime friend of Mark's I think I can speak for the whole gang and say we are deeply shaken by Cathy's sudden illness. But this is one tough group. I've known these people for over 30 years and never yet have I seen a lack of resolve - no matter what life presents. Positive thoughts have proven to conquer any fear. Our positive thoughts and prayers will be , no doubt, working overtime as Cathy, Mark and their whole family take on this challenge.
Cathy, I know we've barely just met, but I already get the sense that you and your family and friends are awesome people. I can't wait to party with y'all in the future.
For now, stay strong and know you have an army of help in the waiting. -Matt Osterholt

Francie said...

Mark and Cathy, our prayers are with you at this challenging time. Cathy, when I saw you at the last gig I said to Mark,"How did you get such a cutey?!" He said he didnt know, but is really blessed by you. He certainly is! Please know that we are standing by you and that we know God has you in his loving hands. If you ever need a retreat during your recovery, come to the "Orlando mini-resort" here in AZ. Love, Francie Orlando