Saturday, May 24, 2008

Cathy's new haircut

Cathy asked that I post some pics of her with long hair, and now her cute bob cut! This is in preparation for when she loses her hair due to the radiation. Due to the fact they are applying radiation directly to her head for the spots on her brain as well as going down through the back of her head to her spinal cord (to avoid her throat) for the spot on her spine, she will lose her hair.

But I think the new 'do looks fantastic! And if she does lose her hair, Cathy's gonna be one heck of a bald knock-out! A big thanks to Tina, a bible study friend of Cathy's, who cut her hair (and thank you to the others who offered as well).


Anonymous said...


I have been keeping up with your progress through my family and this site.
I was very sad to hear of your situation. I wanted to tell you that in my opinion you are on of the strongest women I know. You have always handled everything that has come your way. I wish you the best, and you are in my thoughts.

Beth Lock
(Kathy Stanko’s Cousin)

Anonymous said...

Cathy, you look beautiful and stylish with your new do. You were prayed for tonight specifically by name at my vocal team rehearsal tonight at church. Just wanted you to know we care.
Blessings, Francie Orlando

Anonymous said...

Cathy, i love the new doo you're sportin' it looks great. you are in my thoughts and prayers everyday. Keep strong--Regan

Anonymous said...

Hey Cathy-
thought I'd drop you a note to tell you how proud I am of your sunny outlook & new do! Somebody should get you on Oprah!

Best to you!
Julie Ranelli

magic of making up said...

You're so pretty with your new hair style..