Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday Feb. 2

I met with my Dr. today to discuss my herniated disc. He said its pretty bad and wanted to put me on steroids but decided he couldn't do that because it will mess with my white blood cells and my cell count is almost nil as it is. He suggested we just hold on and hope it doesn't get worse and I can deal with the pain with medicine. He seems to think all this pain I have in my left arm is not from the surgery but from the herniated disc pushing on my spinal cord and the nerves. Also the hand sensations I get and thought was just arthritis is from the herniated disc. If I experience any new sensations I am suppose to call him. He hopes if I hold it off and it doesn't get worse I won't need any surgery. Thursday I have Chemo and next Tues. I meet with the Surgeon. I haven't heard from my specialist yet. Keep you posted. God Bless.

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Sissy said...

Cathy, I'm praying that your herniated disc doesn't get any worse. Thanks for keeping us updated with your posts, it's good to "hear" you talk to us, and it sounds like you're keeping your great attitude! I'm looking forward to warmer weather (46 days until Spring!) so maybe we can sit outside and chat a bit and soak up the sunshine and fresh air. {{{Hugs}}} - Leah