Wednesday, October 15, 2008


The results of the MRI's were better than we ever could have hoped for!

The lesion on Cathy's spine has been reduced by more than half of it's original size. The lesions in Cathy's cerebellum have shrunk to the point where if a doctor was looking at the current MRI's, they wouldn't even detect a problem. The only way to know there were cancerous lesions in the first place is due to the early MRI's!

All around fantastic news. Cathy and the whole family are in great spirits! She'll start up chemo again next week.

Thank you all for the prayers, kind words, concerns, etc...they are most definitely working!


Anonymous said...

great to hear some good news! i hope you are resting well. prayers and blessings, francie orlando

Nikke said...

AWESOME!!! WE ARE JUMPING FOR JOY!!!! Hope your feeling good these days and this just wonderufl news!