Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sept. 3

Today I was informed I would be having a mastectomy on my left breast with removal of lump nodes with no reconstruction at this time. The Doctor wants to get right back to the treatments. She feels my body will be working harder to heal if I do further surgery at this time. The treatments following will also flow to the brain and they want that part of the treatment not to be postponed or altered at this critical state. I will have the surgery on Oct. 6th and spend 1-3 days in the hospital depending how my body responds. I get anxious thinking I may be getting some of the poison out of my body, can't wait. The brain is worse but that's next.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cathy: You have been in my thoughts since Nancy "introduced" us on Tuesday. I was diagnosed 9/03, and have been on numerous chemo drugs for 5 years.

I had a mastectomy 1/04, but did not have reconstruction. I felt that future tests, xrays, diagnosis etc would be more "real" without additional surgery.

Please feel free to call me at 630-980-0299 at any time. I truly am in your shoes. XO, Jane

Nikke said...

As always, thinking of you and anytime you want to get away (even though right next door) please stop by. We pray for you often and know that someday soon this will all be over and your hair will be full and flowy again!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Cathy hang in there things will be behind you soon. we love you and are all was thinking of you.

love ya