Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sept. 2

Well, as of today we are holding off the surgery till after the next round of Chemo treatments, which starts tomorrow. That pretty much means to me the beginning of Oct. I am getting a little anxious with this poison in my body, I wish they would give me more infomation. I went on line a little today and invaded Brain Cancer sites, I did get discouraged a bit but I feel so good other then the loss of sleep and fatigue that its hard to believe I really am sick. I see the Oncologist tomorrow morning and will keep you posted what he has to say. Don't hold your breath.

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Nancy Heinl said...

Hi Cathy,
You asked for help making a decision about breast reconstruction now or later - if you would like to speak with my friend, Jane, who is also a breast cancer patient and has been for over 5 years, she would love to talk with you. She also has breast cancer which metastized to her bones. Her phone number is 630-980-0299.
Nancy Heinl
PS. Did you receive the flowers we sent the end of July?