Saturday, February 6, 2010

February 2010

Tuesday I went to my GP and had blood drawn for several tests. On Friday, I went for my physical. I have high cholesterol so I'm on medication. In 4 week I will go back and get it drawn again and they will check my liver (?). The MRI test looked ok to him. He didn't say good but he didn't say bad either. I'm stable.
As a person who believes so much in prayer I was hoping I could ask for another favor. Could you pray for my son Alex. He was placed into an adult facility in Skokie on Sept. 1st. He had issues with other residents and was placed in a different home, in Skokie. Only about 10 days later he was moved again and is living in a different home in Des Plaines. Alex needs things to be routine. He is not having much time to settle in and he is moved again. Please pray that Alex settles down, relaxes, and accepts his new home as much as he loved RocVale. I really need him to be happy. Your prayers worked for me, I pray they will help Alex. Love you all, Cath

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