Thursday, January 8, 2009

Same Treatments for Now

I had a chemo treatment today. My levels were all good. I go back next Thursday.
I feel pretty good right now. I'm in bed with a heated blanket, cause it's so cold. I don't have to worry about dinner because my awesome neighbors and friends bring my family and I dinner on Thursdays. The meals are always different, and very good. Oh, and let me not forget, I am in bed with Jack and 3 of his toys/books, Phoenix and Betty (two large dogs-labs) and Bella the cat. My niece Colleen had her port removed and she is doing great, clean bill of health.
Here's 2 people I talked to today. 1- she graduated and is done with chemo 1- this guy told me in March he was diagnosed with liver, colon, and brain cancer. He went to radiation and chemo. He had surgery with most removed. Nov. he was cleared, no signs. He went 1 month later for a cat-scan, its back. 1 month!!! He was devastated.
He was also very upset that the meds hes on is making him breakout like a teenager.

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