Friday, August 8, 2008

Aug. 8, 2008

I've been getting a little slack that I don't post often enough. Sorry. Some days just blend into others and I figure no one cares about that. I had Chemo yesterday. They gave me my Cyclophosphamide intravenously, it took about 1hour but I don't care I was having trouble remembering to take the pills 3 x's daily. Someone also asked what other meds I'm on. I have Methotrxate and 5-fluorouracil on Fridays (that adds about 2-1/2 hours on my visits.) My poor cousin Carrie took me to my last visit and we were there 4 hours. As of yesterday he put me on Dexamethasone 2-4 times a day for swelling in my brain(that's a pill.) I've been experiencing pain from my neck down my arm. I also get this headache in my eye. Its really weird. I did break down and ask what my prognosis looked like and she said we have lots of options. I don't know if all of you know but I did ask my Dr.when I was only 30 days into treatment and he said if the treatments don't work 10 months. That was a downer. My Oncologist was mad, claims he doesn't study cancer hes a GP, shouldn't have told me that. Am I rambling????? Remember, the father is never closer to the Vine than when he is pruning it. Thanks again for all the prayers, As I am growing tired I so do depend on them.


Susan Allen said...

Hi Cathy - this is the 1st time I've ever heard you down in the dumps. It's totally expected. I think everything is going as planned. I always get a headache in my eye and its not from looking at my messy house. Keep up the hard work and hope to see you soon. I love the new hair dew.
Your friend Sue

Anonymous said...

Its me Cath - I remember last thursday at the doctor's office the doctor saying you that you have lots of options. She also said that after coming into the exam room you were not the same person she read about in the charts. You are a strong and remarkable person. I really believe you will have better days soon. I love you Cathy. Your cousin Carrie

arles said...

Hi Cathy
Never ever give up hope-- put it in the hands of God. 10 and a half years ago the doctors told Joe to start planning my funeral-- or face the fact if I did survive by some miracle I wuld be in a vegatative state-- and look at me today-- limitations yes-- but I am still kicking. Know we are with you in thought and prayer