Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Continuing the Chemo

Sorry I haven't kept the blog up to date. I had another triple dose of chemo on Friday (7-10-08) and its kinda knocked me out a little. I will go to the clinic for triple does of Chemo on Fridays and every day in between I'll just take Chemo at home 3x a day. This will be for two weeks then off one week. The Chemo has made me talk a little goofy, like, saying what I don't mean but what I happen to be looking at. I also don't hear or see quite as good. (nothing to be concerned about) I also am getting sick on this dose. No pain though and other then the minor symthoms I feel good. Oh, and they took my driving privledges away again. Oh well, I was getting used to being chauffered anyway, maybe I should start sitting in the back seat. I don't think sooo. I do wear the wig when I go out somewhere nice but usually just wear my GI Jane hat. I'll get some pictures of me with the wig on the next blog I need Tara's help.
Just something I wish to share.
I was on the couch for 3 days with a pain behind my right eye among other pains in the stomach, neck etc... I do get migraines so I just chalked this up to a migraine.
My Mom sat next to me and gave me my Grandmas rosary. I haven't prayed the rosary in years so she gave me the book. While I was just laying there I decide to do the rosary. When I was done I got up, went to get a drink of water, went back to the couch and guess what the pain was gone. To this day it has not come back. I prayed that the pain in my eye would go away and I would deal with the other pains and it was gone. Just something I wanted to share. The power of prayer.
Again, I can't that you all enough for the meals, flowers, thoughts and prayers.
Love ya all- Cath

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